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Christian Retreats Network

Christian Retreats Network


Premium Recreation

Looking for a little more excitement? Add Premium Recreation to your event. While all recreation activities are included in every retreat package, some require minimal charges for staffing.  Event planners, please note that since some setup and orientation is necessary, all activities do require advanced scheduling with your Conference Services coordinator.


Nothing says summer like the beach. Schedule some time out of your retreat to cool off by taking advantage of our beachfront activities. Activities include: beachfront swimming, paddle boats, and canoes. Certified lifeguards are required by state law to supervise all groups participating in beachfront activities. The beachfront is open to groups from June to August and must be scheduled with our staff in advance. The beach will close temporarily for any unsafe weather conditions.

Beach - $75/hour
Boats - $18/hour per lifeguard


Go Karts

Our conference and retreat groups can choose to add in our fast-paced go karts to their retreat! Our track features exciting twists and turns for an off-road adventure that you’ll never forget.
Event planners, please note that our hourly rates are to cover the cost of staff and fuel. Go karts are only open to our conference and retreat groups, and cannot be reserved for parties.

Cost: $50/hour


High Ropes Course

Participants on the high ropes course face an exhilarating experience where they are challenged physically, emotionally, and mentally with elements that require trust and problem solving. The elements on the course take participants into the air. Individuals are not coerced into participation, but are encouraged to stretch themselves as much as they choose. Since this is an outdoor activity, it is only available seasonally, weather permitting. The program is 100% facilitated to provide a safe, fun, and beneficial experience.

Cost: $60/hour plus a $45 setup fee


Climbing Tower

Schedule time for your group to go rock climbing! Our trained belayers will help your group members put on their harness and clip into the safety ropes. The outdoor climbing tower features multiple levels of difficulty and is 35 feet tall! Please note that because this activity is outdoors it is weather permitting.

Cost: $50/hour plus a $35 setup fee


Rock Climbing

Schedule time for your group with one of Lost Valley’s trained belayers and go rock climbing! Our staff belayers will help your group members put on their harness and tying into the ropes. The climbing wall features multiple levels of difficulty. The indoor wall is 20′ tall at the Warnick Activity Center!

Cost: $50/hour plus a $35 setup fee