“We don’t take advantage of anything beyond the trails and the open spaces, but the range of recreation opportunities is truly outstanding.

I think the pork was the least popular, but still popular. Everyone was pleased with the food and loved Chef Brenda, and the camp offered the best retreat food I’ve had in over 25 retreats. Thanks!

We had a successful retreat and really enjoyed working with Lost Valley. We’re confident that we won’t have the same scheduling overlap concerns that we had this year.”Leader - St Francis High School

“Awesome activities! Ran very well by Tony and a well trained staff.”Leader – Marysville Assembly of God
“I was impressed at how well run the kitchen was. The staff were very friendly as well. Honestly, I felt like our group was on our own private retreat, but appreciated the help when we needed it. I thought there was a good balance of that.”Guest – Crosswalk Community Church